From Humble beginnings Integra Energy Group has gained the reputation as one
of Australia’s Premium Solar Companies.
After 10 Years in Operation we can boast more than 12,000 Residential and
Commercial Solar System Installations Nationwide!
With our In-House Engineers, Electricians and Solar Designers Integra Energy
Group has guided Australians to choosing the right System in their pursuit to
emancipate themselves from ever increasing Energy Costs.
As an Importer of the Finest Quality Solar Products we deal directly with
Manufacturers insuring all Warranties, Tech Support and Service claims are run
In House.
Our mission has always been to not only to make our Customers self-sustainable
but also informed on High Quality Products.
As a Progressive Company we are always seeking to Introduce New Renewable
Technologies and Products to Market in the quest of advancing our Customers to
a Cleaner, Greener Cost effective World of Energy.

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